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24 октября 2017, 17:49

Consumer group Which? calls for amendments to Data Protection Bill to allow for 'collective redress' after breaches

UK consumer group Which? is calling on the government to make an amendment to the Data Protection Bill that's currently being debated in Parliament. The group is looking for a change in the law that would make it easier for organizations to seek redress for groups of people in the event of a data breach.

Research by Which? suggests that there is confusion surrounding who is responsible for safeguarding data, and little knowledge among consumers about how to go about obtaining compensation.

The consumer group's research shows that nearly 10 percent of people who have shared data online, believe they have been the victim of a data breach in the last year. Around three quarters of people questioned voiced concern about the risk of their information being shared. But it is the ignorance about the steps that can be taken following a data breach that is particular cause for concern for Which?

Alex Neill, managing director of home products and services at Which?, said:

Data breaches are now more commonplace and yet many people have no idea what to do or who to turn to when their personal data is compromised. The government should use the Data Protection Bill to give independent bodies the power to seek collective redress on behalf of consumers when a company has failed to take sufficient action following a data breach.

Which? is asking anyone who has been affected by a data breach to get in touch with their story, as this data could be useful in helping to persuade the government to look at changing the law.

Image credit: Photon photo / Shutterstock

Source: http://feeds.betanews.com/~r/bn/~3/u9sm04MOl_U/